Hon. Niall Blair – Fire Services Implementation Monitor

The Hon. Niall Blair was appointed as the Fire Service Implementation Monitor.

The Fire Services Implementation Monitor is responsible for monitoring the Victorian government fire services reform, assessing the CFA and FRV’s transition to a new operating model, while meeting reform objectives.

In October 2020, the Hon. Niall Blair was appointed as the Fire Services Implementation Monitor under section 123 of the Fire Rescue Victoria Act 1958.

The Hon. Niall Blair is a highly skilled professional with more than twenty years’ experience across government and private sectors, specialising in risk management, agribusiness and sustainability. Mr Blair has proven financial accountability and corporate governance experience and significant experience in quality and environmental management system development and auditing.

Mr Blair served as a senior member of the NSW Parliament for nine years, holding a range of senior appointments including Minister for Primary Industries, Regional Water, Trade and Industry and Minister for Primary Industries, Lands and Water.

In Mr Blair’s role as Monitor, he will engage closely with CFA and FRV and other agencies and assess ongoing efforts and progress against the Implementation Plan. The Monitor will also assess the impact of the fire services reforms upon the financial sustainability of both agencies.

Mr Blair is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company of Director and holds a Master of Occupational Health and Safety and a Bachelor of Horticultural Science.

Mr Blair is passionate about the fire services and has served as a volunteer firefighter for the NSW Rural Fire Service over many years.