About the Fire Services Implementation Monitor

The Fire Services Implementation Monitor independently assesses and reviews the implementation effectiveness of the Victorian government’s fire services reforms.

Established under section 122 of the Fire Rescue Victoria Act 1958, the Fire Services Implementation Monitor provides the Victorian Government and community with independent assessment of fire services reform implementation progress.

The Office of the Fire Services Implementation Monitor was established in FY 2020-21 with support from the Department of Justice and Community Safety, to aid the Monitor’s functions and duties under the Fire Rescue Victoria Act 1958.

The Monitor and supporting office operate in accordance with the Victorian Public Sector Values, which underpin the Fire Services Implementation Monitor’s monitoring and evaluation.

The Monitor plays a key role in determining if actions in the Victorian Government fire services implementation plan(s) are on track to meet Fire Services Statement 2017 outcomes including by:

  • assessing the progress, effectiveness, and efficacy of CFA, FRV and EMV in delivering actions in the fire services implementation plan(s) to give effect to the reforms
  • providing assurance to government and the community with respect to progress made towards a modern fire service
  • monitoring and assessing ongoing efforts to improve the interaction between CFA, FRV and other agencies
  • considering the impact of the fire services reforms upon the financial sustainability of CFA and FRV.

The Monitor also publishes quarterly reports in response to fire services quarterly outcomes framework data and an annual report that focuses on the broader 10-year Fire Services Reform agenda being rolled out across the state.