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Victorian LGBTIQ+ strategy: how we got here

The Victorian Government has created the state’s first whole of government strategy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) individuals and communities.

Group of stylised people representing the diversity of the LGBTIQ+ community
Group of stylised people representing the diversity of the LGBTIQ+ community

Pride in our future: Victoria's LGBTIQ+ strategy 2022-32

Every Victorian – without exception – deserves to be safe, supported and equal.

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The Victorian Government LGBTIQ+ Strategy (LGBTIQ+ Strategy) will guide the Government’s continued efforts to achieve equality for LGBTIQ+ people for the next decade.

Why is the strategy significant?

This strategy is the first long-term plan for equality for LGBTIQ+ communities involving every part of the Victorian Government.

It includes actions and long-term goals that Victorian Government departments and agencies should consider when going about their work, along with some tangible steps they will take to support LGBTIQ+ people.

Why has the strategy been created?

Victoria has made great progress towards equality since the Victorian Government established Australia’s first Equality portfolio in 2015. You can read about some of this progress at the Timeline of progress towards LGBTIQ+ equality.

However, stigma and discrimination continue to contribute to LGBTIQ+ Victorians being more likely to experience poor mental health, suicidal thoughts and attempts, harassment and abuse, homelessness, difficulties with alcohol and drug use and intimate partner and family violence than the broader community.

That means there is still more to be done to achieve equality. This strategy will guide the Victorian Government’s efforts to continue progressing equality for the coming decade.

How was the strategy developed?

The Victorian Government designed the strategy with an understanding of the views of LGBTIQ+ Victorians and the broader Victorian community.


A public consultation process was run between May and August 2020, with more than 750 people or groups having their say on what the strategy should include through virtual consultation sessions, survey submissions on the Engage Victoria website, and written submissions. A Discussion Paper helped inform these conversations.

A Directions Paper was released in late 2020, proposing a vision for equality and four key areas for potential change in services, systems and policies to underpin the Strategy. More than 750 people had their say on the proposed vision and key areas for change on Engage Victoria's Victorian LGBTIQ+ Strategy webpage.External Link

This feedback was taken into account to develop the final strategy, you can find copies of the Discussion Paper and Directions Paper which helped guide the development of the strategy at Engage Victoria's Victorian LGBTIQ+ Strategy webpage.External Link

More information

For more information on the LGBTIQ+ strategy, email

Reviewed 05 February 2022

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