After The Disaster

A podcast for people who have been through a disaster, and for the people trying to support them.


Resource detail
Title After The Disaster
Owner University of Melbourne
Resource type Reflection

What is this about?

A series of podcasts with topics ranging from how to manage insurance; to supporting kids. After the Disaster offers practical tips and evidence-based advice.

The presenter speaks with people who have recovered from disasters, and people who have researched the best way forward. The podcasts present advice for how to manage all the stuff that comes after the lights and sirens have finished up. How to find a footing towards recovery.

After the Disaster has been produced with the support of the Australian Red Cross and the University of Melbourne. Thanks to Bushfire Recovery Victoria and the Bushfire Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre for project funding support.

Who is this resource for?

  • Local Government
  • Community Service Organisations
  • Non Government Organisations
  • Community Recovery Committees

List of episodes

  • Episode 0: What Helps?
  • Episode 1: What to Expect
  • Episode 2: Helping Our Kids
  • Episode 3: Navigating Insurance
  • Episode 4: Should I Stay or Should I Move?
  • Episode 5: Memorials and anniversaries
  • Episode 6: Good Outcomes from Bad Times
  • Episode 7: When the Landscape Changes
  • Episode 8: Before the Next One
  • Episode 9: How to Talk to Someone After a Disaster
  • Episode 10: The Disaster Ripple
  • Episode 11: Why a Violent Event Might Feel Different
  • Episode 12: Communities with Trauma
  • Episode 13: Court cases and criminal and civil proceedings
  • Episode 14: Family Violence After Disasters
  • Episode 15: What is Recovery?