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Improved mobile connectivity is leading to innovative and important developments in medical technology.

Organisations like DPV Health and Seer Medical are reimagining how people receive monitoring, treatment and care.

Mobile connectivity, and 5G in particular, enables healthcare providers to monitor a patient and transmit data to their doctor in real time.

The Victorian Government is pleased to support important developments like this through Connecting Victoria, which is delivering more than 1,000 mobile infrastructure projects that will benefit people at home, at work, and when they’re out and about.

Residents, businesses and visitors will enjoy better mobile coverage across 23,500 square kilometres of Victoria. Some of these areas will see networks upgraded to 5G faster than planned.

At many sites, the telecommunications providers have agreed to share infrastructure, which will give more Victorians a choice of mobile provider and improve competition. More than 700 of the projects will be delivered in regional and rural locations.

Reviewed 20 August 2023

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