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Telecommunications in emergencies

Find out how to prepare for telecommunications outages, and how we're making infrastructure more robust to withstand extreme weather.

How you can be prepared

Don't assume connectivity will always be available – be prepared for the possibility of telecommunications outages.

Find out how to be prepared for outages through VicEmergency.

Mobile, broadband or wi-fi outages can happen anytime for many reasons, such as damage to infrastructure or power outages. Don’t assume connectivity will always be available – be prepared for the possibility of telecommunications outages.

Telecommunications outages are likely during extreme weather events such as heatwaves, bushfires, storms and flooding. For example, during a power outage, you might not be able to connect to the NBN or to charge your mobile phone. Mobile towers also need power to operate.

This makes already stressful times more challenging because many people rely on mobile, landline and internet to stay in touch with loved ones and access important information.

If telecommunications go down, emergency services, volunteers, and providers will be working hard to restore service. In the meantime, you can help them by making sure you can keep yourself safe.

With a little knowledge and preparation, you can minimise the impact of connectivity outages on you and your family.

How we’re improving telecommunications resilience

We understand that Victorians need reliable connectivity that can withstand natural disasters.

Through Victorian Government programs like Connecting Victoria, we are improving connectivity through more than 1,400 projects across the state and making telecommunications connectivity more reliable during emergencies.

Connecting Victoria builds on our comprehensive work on other telecommunications projects, including our role in Australian Government programs like the Mobile Black Spot Program and the Strengthening Telecommunications Against Natural Disasters (STAND) program. Read more about our other telecommunications projects.

Connectivity is important at the best of times but especially in emergencies. We will continue to deliver telecommunications projects for Victoria, and advocate for more Australian Government investment into Victoria’s connectivity, especially for emergencies.