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About Connecting Victoria

By 2026, connectivity in Victoria will look very different. Through Connecting Victoria, we're helping communities and businesses to thrive.

How we're improving connectivity in Victoria

Connecting Victoria is fast-tracking better mobile and broadband connectivity. This program will transform how we study, work, and keep in touch with loved ones.

Work is happening now through our partnerships with telecommunications providers. Together we are:

  • creating more business-grade broadband zones
  • giving more residents access to high-speed broadband
  • increasing mobile coverage
  • helping more places become 5G-ready
  • bringing free public wi-fi to regional centres
  • improving access to safety information during bushfires and other emergencies.

Read more about the types of mobile projects and broadband projects and find out the locations of projects.

Free public wi-fi

Free public wi-fi is important for digital inclusion. It helps to bridge the gap for people who don't have easy or affordable access to the internet. As well as mobile and broadband projects, we've also brought free public wi-fi services, in partnership with industry and local councils, to these places:

Upgrades in Ballarat and Bendigo

Wi-fi services in Ballarat and Bendigo are being upgraded to the latest technology. Due to these upgrades wi-fi access may be unavailable in certain locations for short periods until July 2024. Every effort will be made to keep disruptions to a minimum. 

You can find all available wi-fi access locations in Ballarat and Bendigo on the VicFreeWiFi map.

These changes are part of our commitment to provide a more robust and efficient free internet experience for all residents and visitors in Ballarat and Bendigo.

How we selected places for projects

We selected the locations for projects by listening to Victorians.

You told us where the connectivity gaps were, and where we could make the biggest difference. We looked at how we can support communities to work, study and keep in touch with loved ones. And how we can help businesses to grow and thrive.  

This engagement has now closed, and you can read the outcomes in the Engagement Report. 

The role of the Australian Government

We have always and will continue to advocate for new and upgraded telecommunications infrastructure. 

The Australian Government has primary responsibility for ensuring that telecommunications services are adequate. The Victorian Government has invested in regional telecommunications infrastructure to fill the gaps. 

The Australian Government runs several national mobile and broadband improvement programs. We've also co-funded projects through these national programs. 

We know that Victorians need better connectivity to study, work, do business and keep in touch with loved ones. We will continue to advocate for more Australian Government investment.