Mobile projects

Better mobile coverage and 5G is on the way through more than 1,500 mobile projects, with the majority of these in regional Victoria.

How we're improving mobile connectivity

Victorians depend on good mobile connectivity. It's important for access to healthcare, education and flexible working, and it's critical in emergencies.

We're working with telecommunications partners to improve mobile services across Victoria, delivering more than 1,500 mobile projects - most of these in regional Victoria - through the Connecting Victoria program and other telecommunications projects.

Between now and 2026, our co-funded projects will lead to:

  • new mobile towers built
  • existing mobile towers upgraded to 5G, for faster connection and lower latency
  • other towers adapted so several telecommunications providers can use them
  • many more towers made more resilient during natural disasters.

Our telecommunications partners have agreed to share infrastructure at many of these sites. This will give more Victorian residents and businesses a choice of mobile providers and improve competition.

Read more about services in your area on our telecommunications providers' websites: