Broadband projects

Faster broadband is coming to a place near you. We’re bringing better internet speeds to more than 180 towns.

How we're bringing you faster broadband

Work is underway to bring faster broadband to more than 180 Victorian suburbs and towns – with 150 of these in regional Victoria.

More than 130,000 businesses and households will benefit from digital upgrades, via partnerships with NBN Co, Opticomm and Swoop. By mid-2025, most broadband upgrades funded through the Connecting Victoria program are expected to be completed.

This is a game-changer for households. Faster connectivity means it's easier to access the internet – for work, study and in their daily lives. They can share large files more easily, stream content, join meetings or video call with loved ones. And use multiple devices at once.

For businesses, it will speed up tasks like processing payments through EFTPOS, using cloud-based software and sharing information. It will also help businesses looking to grow beyond their own towns and suburbs, using the internet to expand their networks and reach more customers.

Types of broadband projects