Brand Victoria - creating a new logo

The process for creating a new logo for a Victorian Government department or entity. All new logos must meet our criteria and have formal approval.

DPC's Policy and Governance team approves:

  • the creation/development of all new logos
  • any exemptions to the Brand Victoria Guidelines.

The Brand Victoria Guidelines provide information about the logo governance process for government stakeholders.

See the Using our logos page for information about using existing logos.

Approval of new logos

All new logos for use by Victorian government entities must be approved by DPC's Policy and Governance team.

Each department is responsible for:

  • developing new logos when required
  • ensuring new logos are created and used in accordance with the Brand Victoria Guidelines
  • obtaining approval from DPC's Policy and Governance team.
  1. Refer to the Decision Tree on Page 10 of the Brand Victoria Guidelines to decide whether a new logo can be created.
  2. Refer to the Brand Architecture on Page 7 (with further guidance on pages 8 to 9) to decide what type of logo to create.
  3. Seek approval from your department's Senior Communication Executive (SCE).
  4. Seek advice and provisional approval from DPC's Policy and Governance team by emailing with the following information:
  • What type of entity is the logo for?
  • Who is the audience? (public or VPS)
  • Why do you feel a logo is required?
  • What collateral is required?

    Step 2: Prepare concepts and a style guide

    When designing a new logo, you should consider all potential uses of the logo - in print and digital and in various sizes.

    You should provide a style guide to accompany the logo concepts with specifications for all variations, including colour, size, clear space and intersection device.

    If you're creating a new division or entity logo based on our primary Victoria or Melbourne 'V' logos, you can download an EPS file from the Using our logos page.

    You may also need to download our VIC font.

    Design requirements

    The logo should work well in very small format (eg as an avatar or icon on social media). For very small formats it should work in a one-colour version and not be overly complicated.

    It may also need to work well in very large format such as on a billboard or a large digital screen.

    You should also create a super small version to be used as a favicon (the tiny icon displayed on browser tabs). The dimensions for favicons are 16px high x 16px wide.

    If your logo will be used in several sizes for digital uses, square logos work best. 

    If your logo contains text, the colour contrasts must be accessible at all proposed sizes. See the WebAIM colour contrast checker and the Accessible Colour Palette information on pages 24 to 25 in the Brand Victoria Guidelines.

    If your logo consists of a shape and separate text, provide the components separately as this works better on responsive sites for viewing on small screens.

    Note: website users expect that a logo placed in the top left of a screen will act as a clickable link to your site's home page. Consistent placement of logos across the whole site helps users to navigate and understand your site.

    When creating a logo, also consider:

    • Placement of the logo in relation to other logos: Brand Victoria Guidelines pages 20 to 21
    • Colour: Brand Victoria Guidelines pages 24 to 28
    • Typography: Brand Victoria Guidelines pages 26 to 29
    • Intersection device: Brand Victoria Guidelines pages 33 to 35

    Step 3: Submit the artwork and form

    Fill out the Formal approval of new logos form:

    The form must be signed by your department's Senior Communication Executive (SCE).

    Attach logo artwork and the style guide (where applicable).

    Email the form and attachments to

    Your submission will be reviewed by the DPC Policy and Governance team together with the Digital, Design and Innovation branch. If further information is required, you will be contacted regarding your submission. 

    Step 4: Approval

    Formal approval of your new logo is provided via email by the DPC Policy and Governance team within 5 business days.

    Each department or entity is responsible for ensuring its logos are used in accordance with the Brand Victoria Guidelines.

    Refer to the Using our logos page and the Brand Victoria Guidelines. Contact if you have any questions. 

    Use of multiple logos

    Victorian Government communications materials from departments and entities sometimes include more than one logo. 

    The size relationship should be even so the logos look balanced.

    In the case of sponsorships, follow the guidelines on the use of logos for partnerships and sponsorships.

    Use of our logos on websites

    The lead logo represents the entity delivering the content on the website. It should be given prominence by being positioned at the top of the website's header (either in the top left or centred)

    The endorser logo - the Victoria State Government logo - is secondary to the lead logo. It's positioned at the bottom-right in the website's footer.

    See the logo placement information in the Brand Victoria guidelines on pages 20 to 21 and the examples in section 3 (pages 42 to 50).

    Reviewed 28 February 2019

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