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Universities across Victoria offer teaching degrees and some Universities and TAFEs offer pathway courses. Explore the map to see what is available to start in 2020.

Study teaching

When you’re a teacher, you help people to learn skills, overcome challenges and build a bright future. All the while, you are pursuing a career with diverse progression opportunities and earning a competitive salary.

This all starts at university.

A degree in teaching is the beginning of a well-paid career, where you get to make a real difference.

When you become a teacher, you are able to teach the future. Choose teaching if you want to follow your passions, share them with others, grow professionally and help young people thrive.

What ATAR do I need to study teaching?

For courses starting in 2020, the minimum ATAR will be 70 in addition to students meeting literacy and numeracy standards. Each institution has their own course entry requirements. The map or list of courses on this page will help you to find out more about 2020 course options.

Everyone knows a great teacher can make all the difference in giving students the best education, which is why Victoria is leading the nation in reforming teacher education.

We expect a lot from our teachers so we are making sure new teachers meet literacy and numeracy standards when they go into schools. The way forward is to support aspiring teachers to reach the standards, not to lower or abandon the standards.

We’re committed to increasing the supply of high-quality teachers for Victoria’s schools, to ensure every student, regardless of where they live, has excellent teachers in their classrooms.

The map or list of courses above will help you find out more about Teaching courses available to start in 2020 and the individual entry requirements.

How much does it cost to study teaching?

If you enrol in a Commonwealth Supported Place, you may be eligible for HECS-HELP, to pay for your studies.

Find out more about Commonwealth Supported Places and see if you are eligible.

Reviewed 20 December 2019

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