Applying for teaching jobs in Victoria

Where to apply for jobs and get help with online recruitment

How to apply for Victorian teaching jobs

Step 1: Register to teach in Victoria

Before you can work as a teacher in Victoria, you need to register with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT).

Being a registered teacher means:

  • you meet the VIT’s qualification requirements
  • you’re deemed as suitable to teach in a school, and
  • you can maintain professional practice.

To register, you’ll need to provide several documents, including:

  • proof of your qualifications
  • proof of your identity
  • your address history, and
  • a criminal record check.

If you’re currently registered interstate or in New Zealand, you can apply to register under mutual recognition.

Overseas qualifications

If you’re a teacher overseas, you’ll need to provide your teaching certification documents and VIT can assess equivalency.

The documents you need to provide include:

  • an academic transcript
  • proof of completion
  • the number of days you spent in placements as a student teacher, and
  • whether your placements were in primary or secondary schools.

If these details aren’t listed on your academic transcript, you’ll need to provide a letter from your university that includes them.

To be able to work in Australia, you’ll need to have either:

  • Australian citizenship
  • Australian permanent residency, or
  • a visa that lets you work in Australia.

If you’ve lived overseas for 12 consecutive months within the last 10 years, you’ll need to provide a certified copy of an overseas criminal record check. This needs to be issued by the police service from each country you lived in for the time you lived there.

Depending on where you studied, you may also need to complete an English language competency test.

To find out more, visit VIT’s interstate or overseas teachers webpage.

Step 2: Applying for roles

Once you’re qualified and registered to teach in Victoria, you can start applying for roles.

There are two ways of applying.

One is to create a profile in the Job Opportunities Pool. This allows you to be considered for roles across Victoria in your preferred:

  • location
  • year level, and
  • teaching subjects.

You can also search and apply directly to roles.

Both of these options are available via Recruitment Online.

Once you submit your application, the school may invite you to an interview. The selection panel will then make their decision based on merit. Merit is the:

  • relevant skills
  • personal qualities, and
  • abilities needed to do well in the role.

If you need help with Recruitment Online or have any other school recruitment enquiries:

Phone support is available Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm AEST.