Leadership is required across all levels of the organisation. DPC will do this by:

  • establishing a governance model that will drive the Strategy
  • establishing a Diversity Committee that brings together a coalition of representatives from the Executive (DPC Board of Management) or their nominees, relevant policy areas and employee reference groups representing our diverse communities
  • providing an authorising environment for all staff to initiate local inclusive practices and actions
  • holding leaders accountable for the delivery of outcomes
  • ensuring the deliberate implementation of the Strategy including the provision of resources to drive change
  • embedding the actions above to ensure sustainability, so that the Strategy is accessible and visible across the organisation.

Executive sponsors and champions will be appointed by DPC Board of Management for all key priority areas including gender, disability, LGBTIQ, Aboriginal, culturally and linguistically diverse (including faith), inclusion and age. Sponsors and champions will promote and support our diversity and inclusion initiatives and efforts, provide strategic direction and have oversight on DPC’s overall performance.

People and Culture (P&C) will provide succinct annual performance reports and dashboard data for each executive sponsor with an assessment against existing strategies (to measure their effectiveness) and key recommendations to inform, prioritise, further resource, improve or sustain the organisation’s performance. Performance reports will be tabled annually to the Diversity Committee with high level recommendations to improve outcomes.

DPC reference groups and committees will be encouraged to work with executive sponsors and P&C to identify and implement initiatives within the Strategy, informed by annual dashboard data. P&C will advise and assist branches to implement initiatives from the Strategy, relevant to their respective work function, taking into consideration their context and challenges. Individuals will be actively encouraged to engage with diversity and inclusion initiatives using the guiding principles in this document.