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Leadership and resourcing

Leadership and governance

DPC is committed to developing and implementing a Gender Equality Action Plan that is underpinned by strong leadership, governance, accountability, and reporting. DPC has established the role of an Executive Champion for Gender Equality at the Deputy Secretary level who is responsible for championing gender equality strategies and initiatives at DPC. The Executive Champion for Gender Equality will play an instrumental role in working with the DPC Board of Management to facilitate an enabling environment to advance gender equality at DPC.

A cross-functional Diversity and Inclusion Committee will be established to drive the implementation of the plan, comprising the business units responsible for implementing key strategies and actions under the plan and representatives from each Group who can progress and promote gender equality initiatives and report on progress at the Group level.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will also act as a formal consultation framework by ensuring gender equality advocates of all ages, gender identities, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation, people with a disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and male allies, are represented to ensure an intersectional approach to consultation when developing and implementing gender equality strategies and actions. It is intended that representatives of the Gender Equality, Enablers, Aboriginal, and LGBTIQ+ staff networks will sit on this group.

Governance and resourcing

The implementation of the plan will be coordinated by the Senior Adviser Diversity & Inclusion, within People & Culture. The Manager, Organisational Development will provide day-to-day direction for gender equality strategies. The Chief People & Transformation Officer will provide oversight of gender equality strategies.

Responsible business owner(s) have been assigned to lead the development and implementation of key strategies and actions under the plan that are relevant to their respective functions and operation. The budget for funding key strategies and actions in the plan including training and resources will be sourced from the central corporate development budget.

The table below provides an indicative summary of the annual commitment, resources and time that will be required to implement the gender equality action plan over the next four years.

Governance and strategic resource plan





Board of Management

Annual meetings


Executive Champion for Gender Equality

Bi-annual meetings


Senior Adviser Diversity & Inclusion

0.5 FTE


Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Quarterly meetings

Capability building

People & Culture

0.2 FTE

Policy review

People & Culture

0.2 FTE

Data analysis and reporting

People & Culture

0.2 FTE

Communication and events

Strategic Communications

0.1 FTE