Ending family violence: annual report 2022

Reporting on the 2022 progress of the Family Violence Outcomes Framework and the Rolling Action Plan 2020-2023

29 Dec 2023

Foreword from the Minister for Prevention of Family Violence, Minister Vicki Ward

I’m pleased to present the Ending family violence annual report, which documents the crucial work done across government to prevent and respond to family violence in Victoria.

It’s been seven years since the Royal Commission into family violence handed down its final report. We committed to implement all 227 of its recommendations and began the task of building a new, stronger and more coordinated family violence system.

And we did it - in 2022, we implemented the final 23 of those 227 recommendations. It’s been a period of fast-paced whole-scale change funded by an investment of more than $3.86 billion and led by many dedicated individuals and organisations across Victoria, a huge achievement.

During 2022, five more Orange Doors opened, completing the state-wide rollout of The Orange Door network, along with the opening of four new specialist refuges and expansion of the Central Information Point. Legislative amendments were passed supporting victim survivors of family violence giving evidence and seven additional courts in the Specialist Family Violence Court Division started operations.

It is all wonderful progress, but the work needs to go on.

So, we are keeping the focus on Ending family violence, our 10-year plan, guided by the current Family Violence Reform Rolling Action Plan 2020-2023. I’m pleased to note that we are on track to complete most of the remaining activities outlined in the plan, driving the next phase of reform and creating a system that is more connected, sustainable and delivering better outcomes for victim survivors.

We committed to ending family violence here in Victoria. We knew it wouldn’t be easy and we knew it would take generations, but it has to be done.

The Ending family violence annual report shows how far we’ve come and reveals the sobering truths about just how far we still have to go. It shows how we are continuing our work to build a nation-leading family violence system, with transparency and accountability.


Content warning

This document contains reference to and descriptions of acts of family and sexual violence.

If you have experienced violence or sexual assault and need immediate or ongoing help, contact 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) to talk to a counsellor from the national sexual assault and domestic violence hotline. For confidential support and information, contact Safe Steps’ 24/7 family violence response line on 1800 015 188.

If you have concerns about your safety or that of someone else, please contact the police in your state or territory, or call Triple Zero (000) for emergency help.