Domain 4: System

Preventing and responding to family violence is systemic and enduring

Domain 4: System

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We need a whole-of-government approach to transform how we prevent and respond to family violence.

Victoria is a leader in family violence service innovation and integration. We know real and lasting change across the service system will need sustained commitment.

Through the Family Violence Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework, Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme, Central Information Point and a range of other reform efforts, we are working to build the foundations of an integrated and enduring whole-of-system response to family violence.

Our outcomes

  1. Preventing and responding to family violence is systemic and enduring.
  2. The family violence system is accessible, and services and programs are available and equitable.
  3. The family violence system intervenes early to identify and respond to family violence.
  4. The family violence system is person-centred and responsive.
  5. The family violence system is integrated.
  6. The family violence and broader workforces across the system are skilled, capable and reflect the communities they serve.

Strengthening our data

The ‘System’ domain was the last domain to have indicators developed. Consequently, it has the least number of measures. Work has occurred to develop measures across all outcomes, but inherent data challenges mean further work is required to test and develop these measures, including exploring opportunities for data linkage.

As key reforms and related data collection become more embedded in the family violence system, we will be better placed to monitor outcomes under Domain 4. For example, improvements to The Orange Door Client Relationship Management system are under way. This includes the development of a new referrals portal to track clients referred to family violence case management for victim survivors and perpetrators.

Data in this report

Domain 4 uses Client Relationship Management data, Victoria Police Law Enforcement Assistance Program data and workforce survey data to support reporting for four separate measures.