Our commitment to end family violence

The 2015 Royal Commission into Family Violence (Royal Commission) highlighted the devastating prevalence and impact of family violence across Victoria. Family violence cuts lives short, inflicts significant harm, and creates cycles of intergenerational trauma and violence.

Our vision is a future where all Victorians are safe, thriving and live free from family violence. Ending family violence: Victoria’s plan for change is our 10-year plan to work towards this vision.

It laid the foundation for a period of fast-paced change, backed with investment of more than $3.86 billion since 2016. The Victorian Government has now implemented all 227 of the Royal Commission’s recommendations. However, we remain focused on our 10-year plan. We are implementing it through a series of three consecutive action plans. Our current work is guided by the second Family violence reform: rolling action plan 2020–23.

About this report

This report outlines the key actions undertaken by the Victorian Government in 2022 to implement the 10-year plan and the second Rolling action plan. It does not capture the full breadth and depth of work undertaken by the family violence sector across Victoria, nor its many achievements over the past year.

The report also includes an annual update on the outcomes of our efforts. We use the Family Violence Outcomes Framework to monitor progress towards our goals.

The Victorian Government acknowledges and thanks every person who works to prevent and respond to family violence across our state. We acknowledge the tireless efforts of the family violence sector, which designs and delivers nation-leading primary prevention initiatives and frontline services, and provides expert advice to government, including through the Family Violence Reform Advisory Group.

We acknowledge our enduring partnership with Aboriginal people and organisations through the Dhelk Dja Partnership Agreement and reaffirm our commitment to self-determination.

The lived experience of victim survivors is at the heart of this. We acknowledge their resilience, diversity and powerful insights that help guide our efforts, including through the formal advice we receive from the Victim Survivors Advisory Council.

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