The Rolling Action Plan 2020–2023

The Rolling action plan 2020–2023 is our second rolling action plan under the Ending family violence: Victoria’s 10-year plan.

Ending family violence: Victoria's 10-year plan

Its purpose is to focus our efforts and investment as we work towards a Victoria free from family violence.

It does this by setting out 10 specific priorities for the period of the plan and reaffirming our commitment to three reform-wide priorities. These are discussed in the ‘Our progress against the Rolling action plan’ section that follows.

The 10 specific priorities are:

  • reforming the way courts respond to family violence
  • implementing Dhelk Dja: Safe our way – a 10-year agreement for the delivery of family violence services for Aboriginal Victorians
  • providing access to safe, secure and stable housing
  • improving legal assistance access, representation and integration across the family violence system
  • putting in place the MARAM and information sharing frameworks to provide a shared approach to family violence risk assessment and management across justice, community, education and health
  • creating a system-wide approach to create an effective web of accountability for perpetrators and people who use violence
  • effecting long-term behavioural change through primary prevention to stop family violence before it starts
  • coordinating research and evaluation across the family violence reform
  • delivering The Orange Door network – an accessible and visible service for people experiencing family violence and children and families in need of support
  • the development of a dynamic, collaborative and specialist family violence workforce based on Building from strength: 10-year industry plan

The three reform-wide priorities

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The Rolling action plan highlights two additional themes:

  • Children and young people – the Rolling action plan recognises that children and young people are victim survivors in their own right with their own distinct needs. It sets out the tailored support children and young people need to be safe and recover from family violence.
  • Sexual assault and family violence – the Rolling action plan recognises that sexual violence, abuse and harm share the same origins in gender inequality as other forms of family violence. and outlines how the family violence system is responding to sexual assault.

Each of these themes is considered across the delivery of all areas of family violence reform.