How we find homes for people in need

We have introduced programs and packages to prevent homelessness and work quickly to find homes for homeless Victorians.

How we find homes for people in need

The number of homeless Victorians is increasing. 

We are planning to step in earlier to stop homelessness happening. When people become homeless we will respond more quickly and with better services and support. 

The causes of homelessness are complex. They can include the cost of housing,  family violence, unemployment and mental health issues. 

We are helping to prevent homelessness with:

Helping rough sleepers

Our Towards Home package helps people who are sleeping rough get access to supported housing.

The package includes portable homes at sites across inner Melbourne.

Residents have started taking up this accommodation. Towards Home also offers case management and targeted support for vulnerable rough sleepers. The plan provides a pathway to permanent, stable housing. 

The Department of Health and Human Services looks after the Towards Home package. 

Helping victims of family violence

The Royal Commission into Family Violence found that family violence is the number one cause of homelessness for women. Victim survivors of family violence sometimes have to choose between their safety or the streets. 

We will respond to this finding with more housing and support for women and children. We are rolling out the Family Violence Housing Blitz package to support Victorians who are homeless because of family violence. 

We are planning more housing support for victim survivors of family violence, as part of Ending Family Violence: Victoria’s Plan for Change.

The Department of Health and Human Services looks after the Family Violence Housing Blitz package.

Stable housing

Homelessness is growing in Victoria. Thousands of people sleep in their cars, on friends’ couches or on the street. Some Victorians who are not currently homeless are at risk of becoming homeless. 

We will:

  • support young people who are at risk of becoming homeless. We will help them find a job or study. We will help them with bond payments, housing subsidies and leasing arrangements until they are 21  
  • improve support services and provide more accommodation through projects led by the community
  • support people to be independent with long-term housing. We will provide rapid rehousing for those most in need, supported housing for women and children and accommodation for people with severe mental illness

Rapid Housing Fund

We have expanded the Rapid Housing Fund. We plan to buy 94 and lease 74 properties so that we can provide stable housing for Victorians experiencing homelessness. As part of the Rapid Housing Fund we are investing in the H3 Wyndham Alliance. H3 is a partnership of health, housing and homelessness agencies in the western Melbourne area.

The project will build 20 new properties and lease up to 50 properties to support those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Wyndham. 

The Victorian Property Fund

The Victorian Property Fund (VPF) provides grants to support programs including housing assistance for vulnerable Victorians. Consumer Affairs Victoria looks after the Victorian Property Fund. 

To see details of funding rounds or find out what grants have been awarded in previous years, visit the Victorian Property Fund grants page.

Reviewed 05 August 2019

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