Our investment in education

As our state emerges from the global pandemic, we need to make sure all Victorian teachers have the support they need.

The Victorian Government is investing an additional $6 billion in new school programs and infrastructure initiatives through the Victorian Budget 2020/21.

  • Fast-tracked teacher education

    $10.8 million to give aspiring teachers the opportunity to build their experience in secondary and specialist schools, as part of a $15.4 million investment towards fast-tracking teacher training programs.

    More Primary Maths and Science specialists

    $32.8 million to extend the Primary Maths and Science Specialists initiative to train 200 more primary school teachers as mathematics and science specialists and help more students achieve their potential in STEM.

    Building our skills in data

    $20.5 million will continue to help build teacher capability and data literacy in schools through specialist teachers and data and evidence coaches.

  • Rolling out the next phase of the school building boom

    $3 billion in school upgrades, including $1.1 billion as part of the previously announced Building Works Package, with a further $1.9 billion to roll out the next phase of the school building boom.

    This extra $1.9 billion investment will support more than 6,400 in construction and supply chain jobs, including more than 4,830 jobs related to projects in metropolitan Melbourne and more than 1,570 jobs related to projects in regional Victoria.

    In the past five years, more than $9 billion has been invested in school infrastructure to deliver to deliver new schools and upgrade existing ones, creating more than 10,000 construction jobs.

    Upgrading and expanding our existing school buildings

    $1.28 billion for 162 upgrades, which includes $388.8 million to improve facilities at 39 specialist schools – Victoria’s single largest investment ever in upgrading specialist schools.

    More than $85 million to expand seven existing schools, providing space for 1,175 extra students.

    $20 million to build inclusive learning spaces and accessible playgrounds for students with disabilities through the Inclusive Schools Fund.

    $70 million for the Planned Maintenance Program to support upgrades and improvements at around 300 schools

    Developing opportunities for new schools

    $147.3 million allocated to acquire land for 11 new schools.

    $122.4 million for a new vertical primary school in North Melbourne opening in 2023 and deliver a further four stages of new school projects.

    Fast-tracking shovel-ready projects

    A further $50 million to fast-track shovel-ready projects at around 300 schools through the Minor Capital Works Fund.

  • $1.6 billion for Disability Inclusion to transform support for students with disability in Victorian government schools, doubling the number of students receiving extra support in the classroom to 55,000 and expected to create up to 1,730 jobs.

    This includes $102.8 million for new resources and support to build the skills and knowledge of school staff in delivering inclusive education, including more than 100 extra staff to provide on-the-ground implementation support and program delivery.

  • Almost $6.2 million for early intervention specialist support to help parents and kids struggling as a result of the pandemic, including:

    • $1.5 million for a new family group program to help vulnerable kids transition to school
    • $3.8 million for outreach and wraparound services to support vulnerable children, including those in public housing communities, to participate in early learning
    • $2.5 million to support three-year-old refugee and asylum seeker children to access 15 hours of free or low-cost kindergarten in all parts of Victoria from 2021.
  • Delivering the tutor learning initiative

    $250 million to deploy more than 4,100 tutors across Victorian schools to ensure students who have fallen behind or become disengaged in the wake of the pandemic get the support they need in 2021.

    Giving students the technology to connect them with their education

    $24.5 million to reimburse schools so students can keep the more than 71,000 mobile devices loaned to them during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Supporting more families to access school opportunities and uniforms

    $31.6 million will support more families through the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund and State Schools’ Relief’s Affordable School Uniforms program.

    Expanding our support for Aboriginal students

    $7.4 million to continue the Marrung strategy, including expanding the successful Koorie Literacy and Numeracy and Koorie Engagement Support Officer programs to help Aboriginal students stay engaged in their education.

    Continuing to embed Respectful Relationships

    $37.5 million to continue to help schools adopt a whole-school-approach to Respectful Relationships and embed a sustained, universal approach to the prevention of family violence.


Opportunities to join education

Explore job opportunities in schools across Victoria.

  • Increasing the supply of high-quality teachers will ensure every student has access to excellent teachers and a quality education.

    Increasing the supply of high-quality teachers in schools will ensure every student, no matter where they live, has access to a great local school, excellent teachers and a quality education.

    Program goals

    • Boost the number of quality teachers in government schools
    • Make positions in rural and regional schools, disadvantaged schools and certain subject areas more attractive

    Eligible opportunities

    Incentive payments are offered to eligible teachers for hard to-fill-positions. These include incentives for:

    • certain hard-to-staff subjects
    • positions in rural and metro areas
    • positions in schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged students.

    Incentives are between $9,000 and $50,000 (pre-tax) and available to eligible teachers who take up one of the hard-to-staff positions.

    Apply for this opportunity

  • Explore job opportunities in schools across Victoria.

    In education, there are many roles available to skilled teachers looking for a change or to progress their careers.

    A teaching qualification could set you on the way to becoming:

    • a principal, leading an entire school community
    • an assistant principal, managing a school’s day-to-day operations
    • a classroom or curriculum leader, driving improvements in teaching and learning
    • a learning specialist
    • a leading teacher helping students and colleagues achieve their best.

    Explore jobs in Victorian Government schools

Reviewed 14 December 2020

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