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Our investment in education

All Victorian school students will continue to be supported to achieve their best regardless of their background or circumstances, with an investment of $1.7 billion in school education through the Victorian Budget 2022/23. To find out more, visit the Victorian Budget 2022/2023 pageExternal Link .

Opportunities to become a teacher in Victoria

Explore job opportunities in schools across Victoria.

  • Increasing the supply of high-quality teachers in schools will ensure every student, no matter where they live, has access to a great local school, excellent teachers and a quality education.

    Program goals

    • Boost the number of quality teachers in government schools
    • Make positions in rural and regional schools, disadvantaged schools and certain subject areas more attractive

    Eligible opportunities

    Incentive payments are offered to eligible teachers for targeted (hard-to-fill) positions. These include incentives for:

    • certain hard-to-staff subjects
    • positions in rural and metro areas
    • positions in schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged students.

    Incentives are between $9,000 and $50,000 (before-tax) and available to eligible teachers who take up one of the hard-to-staff positions.*

    *Financial incentives subject to change and are capped until 30 June 2023. Information is valid as of August 2022.

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  • Explore job opportunities in schools across Victoria.

    In education, there are many roles available to skilled teachers looking for a change or to progress their careers.

    A teaching qualification could set you on the way to becoming:

    • a principal, leading an entire school community
    • an assistant principal, managing a school’s day-to-day operations
    • a classroom or curriculum leader, driving improvements in teaching and learning
    • a learning specialist working with other teachers to promote high quality teaching and learning
    • a leading teacher helping students and colleagues achieve their best.

    Explore jobs in Victorian Government schools

Reviewed 12 December 2022

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