MARAM video series

Find the latest news and information about the MARAM video series for Quarter 3 2022-23.

What is the MARAM video series?

The MARAM video series is 17 impactful videos that support prescribed workforces to better understand the MARAM reforms more broadly and the key concepts and responsibilities that apply to their role. These videos are available on the website and YouTube.

How were the videos developed?

FSV appointed Gozer Media to undertake the video production work. FSV engaged with four organisations (VAADA, NTV, Safe and Equal and Elizabeth Morgan House) to support development of role-play videos showing risk assessment and management in practice.

What videos are available?

The series includes 2 types of videos:

  • MARAM animation series: Short videos on specific MARAM practice topics, for example Structured Professional Judgement. You can view them on the Vic Gov website or on YouTube.
  • MARAM victim survivor and person using family violence series: Longer role play scenarios between a practitioner and client, including graphics with key topics raised. You can view them on the Vic Gov website or on YouTube.