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MARAM animation video series

The MARAM video series will support prescribed workforces to better understand the MARAM reforms and responsibilities that apply to their role.

There are 11 animation videos, each covering key MARAM topics and concepts to support people working in family violence and associated workforces.

Additional videos will be released in early 2023.

  • This video introduces coercive control as the pattern of family violence that a perpetrator uses and its impact on victim survivors.

  • This video outlines what MARAM evidence-based risk factors are and why identifying these evidence-based risk factors helps to identify and/or assess and respond to family violence.

  • This video outlines information sharing under the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme and what to consider when making or responding to a request.

  • This video introduces the 2 information sharing schemes in Victoria – Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme and Child Information Sharing Scheme – and the benefits of both.

  • This video discusses the theory of intersectionality and how it can be applied when responding and addressing family violence.

  • This video provides an overview of the MARAM Framework and how organisational leaders can help promote MARAM alignment.

  • This video discusses what multi-agency practice is and how working collaboratively keeps victim survivors safe and perpetrators accountable.

  • This video outlines the concept of non-collusive practice, what it might look like, and how to respond.

  • This video explores the needs of children and young people experiencing family violence, and how to identify trauma indicators, or signs that a child or young person may be experiencing family violence.

  • This video introduces the concept of Structured Professional Judgement when assessing the level of risk to a victim survivor.

  • This video highlights the concept of trauma-informed practice: what trauma is, how it may present and trauma informed responses in practice.

More information

Visit family violence support for other staff resources, and the history and progress of family violence reform.

For more information and support on information sharing and MARAM, visit: Frequently asked questions about information sharing and MARAM.

Reviewed 07 February 2023

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