Family violence workforce census

We conduct a regular census of workforces that intersect with family violence.

The first census took place in April 2017. We will conduct the next census in 2019.

The census collects data across a wide range of workforces including:

  • specialist family violence
  • primary prevention
  • services across the community services, health, justice, and education and training sectors

Systematic data collection is important for effective workforce planning. This was noted by the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Data from the 2017 census

In 2017, we collected census data using two tools:

  • an online survey of workers
  • a payroll data template for organisations in selected sectors

Data that we collected included:

  • the profile of the workforces that responded to the census
  • roles and salaries
  • qualifications and experience
  • job satisfaction
  • career pathways
  • family violence-related training
  • levels of confidence in identifying and responding to family violence
  • what types of support would enable a more effective response to family violence

You can find a summary of this and related data in the companion report to Building from Strength: 10-Year Industry Plan for Family Violence Prevention and Response.

Download a copy of the report:

We used the data collected in the 2017 census to inform the development of the 10-Year industry plan.  We will also use the data to support associated workforce planning.

The next census

We will conduct the census every 2 years. The 2019 census will be run by the Centre for Workforce Excellence in Family Safety Victoria.

Reviewed 27 June 2019

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