Family violence capability frameworks

Frameworks that describe the knowledge and skills needed to respond to and prevent family violence.

The Centre for Workforce Excellence partnered with sector experts to develop Victoria’s first capability frameworks for primary prevention and family violence response.

We released these frameworks with the 10-Year Industry Plan. The frameworks are a tool for building family violence capability in all workforces that intersect with family violence.

There are 2 capability frameworks:

  1. Responding to Family Violence Capability Framework.
  2. Preventing Family Violence and Violence Against Women Capability Framework.

Download the frameworks:

Who can use the frameworks

The capability frameworks apply to all workforces that intersect with family violence. They describe the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • engage in primary prevention of family violence and violence against women
  • respond to victim survivors, including children and young people
  • respond to perpetrators of family violence

We developed the frameworks for use by a range of audiences, including:

  • government
  • education and training providers
  • sector leaders
  • management and human resources in organisations

How to use the frameworks 

The frameworks can be used for a range of purposes, including:

  • supporting a better understanding of family violence across sectors
  • providing a common language for key concepts and practices. This will promote better communication and teamwork in multidisciplinary projects 
  • shaping training and professional development programs and qualifications 
  • use as a tool in career planning and the development of job descriptions

Updating the frameworks

The frameworks are living documents. We will update the Frameworks as we continue to build the evidence base and receive feedback.

Reviewed 21 November 2019

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