Victim Survivors' Advisory Council

Putting people with lived experience of family violence at the heart of the reform agenda.

The Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council (VSAC) was created to give people with lived experience of family violence a voice and ensure they are consulted in the family violence reform program.

Formed in July 2016, VSAC represents the lived experiences of people of different ages, genders, demographics and communities across Victoria.

VSAC's role is to:

  • place people with lived experience at the centre of family violence reform
  • include people who have experienced family violence in service design of family violence reforms
  • advise on how family violence reform initiatives will impact on people who use services
  • ensure the government’s response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence meets the expectations of people with lived experience
  • ensure advice to the government reflects the diversity of the family violence experience.

Lived Experience Strategy

The Family Violence Lived Experience Strategy calls on government and the sector to embed lived experience across the full spectrum of family and sexual violence reform.

The strategy outlines the key phases of working together to transform a system to meet the needs of the people who use it.

Having introduced lived experience of family violence into government we are now learning from practice and testing new approaches as we move towards shared decision making, leadership and influence.

Find out more about the Family Violence Lived Experience Strategy.


Profiles of the members giving a powerful voice to those with lived experience can be found at Voices of change: meet our VSAC members.

Members are appointed by the Minister for Prevention of Family Violence.

Members (2020-22) reflect on the most significant change during their time on the Council

Reflections from the inaugural council members

The video below encapsulates the council's extraordinary work from 2016 to 2019 in helping to end family violence.