About The Orange Door

The Orange Door is a new and easy way for women, young people, children and families to access family violence services.

The Royal Commission into Family Violence (2016) recommended the establishment of support and safety hubs, now called The Orange Door.

The Orange Door is being rolled out across the state. It currently operates in 5 areas. Existing services will continue to operate in other areas until The Orange Door opens.

Who is The Orange Door for?

The Orange Door is for:

  • adults, children and young people who are experiencing family violence
  • families who need support with the care and wellbeing of children and young people
  • perpetrators of family violence

The Orange Door is open to people of any age, culture, ability, gender, sexuality or gender identity.

The Orange Door works with the whole family. Expert support is tailored to each family member’s needs including children and young people.

Who works at The Orange Door?

The Orange Door brings together an integrated team of workers with specialist experience, from organisations that:

  • receive police referrals (L17s) for women and children who experience family violence
  • receive police referrals (L17s) for perpetrators of family violence (known as ‘Enhanced Intake Services’)
  • provide the Child FIRST service
  • are Aboriginal services or organisations that deliver family violence and integrated family services
  • deliver other relevant services as appropriate, such as those delivered by community-based Child Protection

The Orange Door does not replace specialist services providing case management, support and accommodation.

Fact sheets about The Orange Door

Reviewed 07 August 2019

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