The Orange Door service model

The Orange Door service model details the baseline requirements, processes and operational specifications for the foundational model of The Orange Door.

17 Dec 2019

Aboriginal Acknowledgement

The Victorian Government proudly acknowledges Victorian Aboriginal people as the First Peoples and Traditional Owners and custodians of the land and water on which we rely. We acknowledge and respect that Aboriginal communities are steeped in traditions and customs built on an incredibly disciplined social and cultural order. This social and cultural order has sustained up to 50,000 years of existence. We acknowledge the ongoing leadership role of the Aboriginal community in addressing and preventing family violence and join with our First Peoples to eliminate family violence from all communities.

The Orange Door

The public branding of the Support and Safety Hubs is The Orange Door. ‘The Orange Door’ and ‘Support and Safety Hub’ terms are used interchangeably across policy and communication materials.