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The Client Relationship Management system

The Orange Door has a purpose-built information system, The Orange Door Client Relationship Management system (CRM), to capture, store and record case information. The Client Relationship Management (CRM) system supports practitioners to capture and use case related information.

The CRM is designed in accordance with the overall strategy, intent and implementation of The Orange Door, and the broader family violence and family services reform agenda. The rollout of this infrastructure forms part of the phased implementation of The Orange Door so that by 2021 there will be a state-wide CRM system. The CRM has been implemented in the first five areas and is being refined and enhanced over time. The Orange Door workforce are trained in CRM use, and the CRM has strong data security mechanisms to ensure client information is protected. The CRM is only available to The Orange Door workforce, and is not used by the child protection practitioner, who continues to use the DHHS case record system (CRIS) and not the CRM.

The CRM is used to record client case records and information, including:

  • client interactions including assessments, service plans and referrals
  • immediate steps/decisions/actions taken
  • details regarding any past, current or future service responses or allocations
  • the provision of information to the client regarding the handling of their information, applicable privacy standards and legislative requirements and, where required, consent or agreements to seeking or providing personal information with specified other agencies, professionals or third parties

The Orange Door practitioners use the CRM as their primary system for recording all case information. This includes records of any consultation with practice leaders within The Orange Door, including the child protection practitioner.

Team leaders and practice leaders use the CRM to record client-related information where they have direct contact or primary responsibility for clients, with the exception of the child protection practitioner, who continues to use CRIS for all client-related information.

The CRM is integrated with the L17 portal and receives incoming police family violence referrals, the Central Information Point (CIP) and Tools for Risk Assessment and Management (TRAM), to minimise the need to transfer client information between these systems.

The CRM is also used to support wider reporting and monitoring of client- and service-level outcomes and data.

In the future, The CRM will continue to be developed to increase its functionality and integrate with other systems. Refinement and enhancements to the CRM are also informed and guided by feedback from The Orange Door and reflect the development of the service model and the experience and practice needs of the workforce.