The Orange Door helps people to access the services or practical supports they need to be safe and address underlying challenges to their recovery, stability and wellbeing.

The Orange Door has access to brokerage (flexible support packages) so that supports can be arranged to meet the needs of individuals and families, rather than people being allocated a predetermined service mix.

The Orange Door has access to brokerage, with two main functions:

  • immediate support – immediate brokerage funding to help people to stabilise and/or divert from the system that is unconnected to a case plan
  • brokerage support that is linked to assessment and planning

The Orange Door brokerage is used to:

  • address the immediate needs of people and families
  • enhance their safety, stability and development
  • provide practical support earlier in the service delivery system, such as at access and intake
  • divert them from entering further into the service system if this is not needed
  • proactively engage them to enter the service system where required

The principles underpinning the use of brokerage are that it:

  • is strengths-based, where possible
  • is culturally appropriate
  • is underpinned by accountability and informed by the outcomes framework
  • considers the needs of individuals, children and families from diverse backgrounds
  • focuses on and prioritises safety and wellbeing in the context of family violence
  • addresses children’s needs in their own right
  • is tailored to the individual or family and is informed by their needs and preferences

What this looks like within The Orange Door

The Orange Door brokerage can be used to arrange specific supports as part of crisis and longer term responses including:

  • housing and accommodation, such as private rental assistance, relocation costs and furniture needs
  • safety and security supports, such as lighting, alarms, CCTV and mobile phones
  • health and wellbeing supports, such as counselling and medical costs
  • child development and safety requirements, including age-appropriate toys and education items, school uniforms or books and therapeutic supports
  • independence support, such as education and training courses, care for dependents (including pets) and outings, financial planning and legal advice

Target group

The Orange Door brokerage is used to support clients of The Orange Door.


The Orange Door practitioners apply for brokerage on behalf of their clients.

Practice tools, frameworks and guidelines

Program requirements for The Orange Door brokerage The Orange Door brokerage guidelines are available at: