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Family violence and sexual assault workforce pulse survey

We are looking to survey the specialist family violence and sexual assault workforces throughout September 2022. Find out more and complete the survey here.

Family Safety Victoria is surveying workers from specialist family violence services, sexual assault support services, Aboriginal family violence and sexual assault services, and The Orange Door network to better understand their needs.

Please complete this survey if you work in a role that provides services to clients of specialist family violence services (including services to victim survivors and perpetrators / people using family violence), sexual assault support services, Aboriginal family violence services and/or The Orange Door network.

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. You may start the survey and return to it at a later stage should you wish to complete it in more than one sitting. Please submit your responses by 11:59pm (AEDT) on Wednesday 5 October 2022. Thank you in advance for your time with this important project.

Begin the survey

Please do not complete the survey if:

  • you are employed by Victoria Police, the Victorian Courts System, or Corrections Victoria
  • your primary human services role does not have a family violence or sexual assault intervention and/or support focus (for example you are employed by a homelessness service)
  • you are employed in the Primary Prevention workforce
  • you are employed by a peak body, such as Safe and Equal
  • you are employed to deliver administration services at any type of family violence or sexual assault organisation
  • you are employed at Family Safety Victoria.

For more information about the project, please see below.

  • The Royal Commission into Family Violence highlighted the lack of detailed knowledge and essential data about family violence workforces in Victoria. The Victorian Government has committed to addressing this gap.

    Family Safety Victoria previously commissioned the Censuses of Workforces that intersect with Family Violence in 2017 and 2019.

    Since the Royal Commission, the specialist family violence response sector has grown rapidly. Labour market forecasting indicates that the health and social assistance industry, which the specialist family violence and sexual assault sectors are part of, will be the fastest growing industry in the state.

    Continuing workforce reform cannot occur without establishing a clear and consistent view of the jobs, roles and functions across the Victorian specialist family violence and sexual assault sectors. Research into community service occupations shows that this is a common difficulty, and results from issues distinguishing between job and occupation.

    The Family Violence Workforce Research project will continue to build on this work and support the significant opportunity to inform the designing of family violence and sexual assault jobs. This will promote higher levels of engagement, job satisfaction, health, safety and wellbeing, which in turn supports higher levels of retention and organisational performance.

  • The survey is an opportunity for you to contribute to workforce planning and highlight key issues that you face in the course of your work. The survey is an important input to workforce planning and modelling. We need to hear from you to make sure the findings represent the family violence and sexual assault workforces in Victoria.

    Findings from the survey will also help us to understand current workforce constraints and continue to develop robust workforce planning and retention policy directions.

    Please read the participant information sheet for details about the study.

  • The DFFH Human Research Ethics Committee has reviewed and approved this study in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007)External Link – incorporating all updates (Project ID 87888).

    Our privacy policy contains further details regarding how you can access or correct information we hold about you, how you can make a privacy related complaint and how that complaint will be dealt with.

  • Data collected from the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Workforce Pulse Survey will be used to inform workforce planning, modelling and retention policy directions.

    A report will be available that summarises findings from the survey. The survey is private, confidential and data usage will be reviewed to ensure individuals are de-identified. Employers will not have access to any data that identifies individual respondents.

    Family Safety Victoria will not disclose any research information for a purpose other than conducting this research unless your express prior consent is sought or are required to do so by an Australian law.

  • Family Safety Victoria is responsible for the Family Violence and Sexual Assault Workforce Pulse Survey.

    If you have any further questions about the survey or the project, please contact the Centre for Workforce Excellence, Family Safety Victoria, by emailing

Reviewed 06 September 2022

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