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Appendix 1: The Orange Door system management function

Described as a ‘system management’ function, The Orange Door has a role in ensuring that services delivered are effective and that people are supported to be safe and well.

The Statewide Concept describes a vision for The Orange Door to monitor people’s engagement and outcomes with services to increase accountability of the system for individual cases. Described as a ‘system management’ function, The Orange Door has a role in ensuring that services delivered are effective and that people are supported to be safe and well.

Through this oversight function, The Orange Door identifies circumstances where people cycle through the system, creating opportunities to improve the system’s ability to intervene effectively. The Orange Door provides a feedback loop on systemic issues to FSV because of the unique perspective it has on community needs and service capacity, capability and responsiveness.

FSV is developing a range of ongoing monitoring and review tools and processes that enable this system management function, including a performance framework, and mechanisms to support client-level outcomes and client experience data collection.

Performance measurement and monitoring

The Orange Door providers will be required to meet the accountability and reporting requirements set out in a new performance management regime. An interim performance monitoring framework will be rolled out from July 2019 while the future vision of outcomes-focused performance management including a final outcomes-oriented performance framework will be incrementally developed by July 2021. Key elements will be tested and validated with The Orange Door providers. Although The Orange Door providers will have individual accountabilities under the regime, they will also be required to report on the collective responsibility for performance related to the integrated service model, consistent with the aims of the partnership agreement. Emerging needs and evidence will inform The Orange Door practice, and they will be firmly embedded with the principle of continuous improvement – a systematic, ongoing effort to improve the quality of service delivery based on evidence. Information collected for the performance management framework will inform this ongoing monitoring and review of The Orange Door efficiency, effectiveness, safety and quality. This process will also allow for statewide comparisons of activity and performance, as well as highlighting emerging challenges and learnings from the first areas to refine the service model and inform full implementation.


FSV is committed to a robust and multidimensional approach to outcomes measurement and monitoring and evaluation that aligns with the Family violence outcomes framework and the outcomes frameworks of relevant departments, including the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Justice and Regulation, police, courts and the education sector.

Work is underway to develop a client-level outcomes measurement and monitoring approach for The Orange Door. This work will articulate the outcomes, indicators and measures that capture the impact of The Orange Door.

Client-level outcomes measurement and monitoring within The Orange Door complements whole-of-government reporting against the Family violence outcomes framework and informs understanding of the service impact.

Understanding and measuring client experience

The Orange Door Client Experience Toolkit was produced through design and testing with clients from diverse groups and workers from core services across the state. It is included in foundation training for all workers in The Orange Door. The toolkit includes:

  • emotional journey maps for the client cohorts and diverse groups accessing The Orange Door
  • practice tips and tools for staff to work with different client cohorts and diverse groups
  • worker behaviours and qualities that are essential for a positive and safe client experience

The Orange Door Client Voice Data Collection and Response process includes surveys and other mechanisms to measure the client experience and use these insights to inform ongoing practice and service improvement. It provides client voice data relating to the key aspects of client experience identified in the Client Experience Toolkit.

The goals of the process are:

  1. for clients to have a voice in the delivery and development of The Orange Door, in addition to other mechanisms (including feedback/complaints)
  2. to collect detailed information about client experience to inform ongoing service and practice improvement
  3. to collect data so The Orange Door can meet government reporting requirements

The primary data collection method is a brief survey offered at the end of a contact (meeting, visit or call). Clients will be able to complete the survey verbally over the phone at the end of a call (for a limited time each quarter), on paper or online in an area office.
Client voice data is integrated into quarterly and annual reporting processes for The Orange Door, and supports the MARAM Framework’s aims of embedding responsibility within services for respectful, sensitive and safe client engagement.

The Client Voice Data Collection and Response Process was designed and tested with people with lived experience and practitioners to ensure relevancy, safety and value for everyone taking part.