Appendix 2: Activity code practice guidance

Links to key practice guidance.

Specialist family violence services

Practice guidelines: women and children’s family violence counselling and support programs (2008)

Assessing children and young people experiencing family violence: a practice guide for family violence practitioners

Family violence referral protocol between the Department of Health and Human Services, Family Safety Victoria, Department of Justice and Regulation and Victoria Police 2018

Code of practice for specialist family violence services for women and children

Family Violence Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework resources

Men’s family violence services

Men’s Behaviour Change Group Work: Resources for quality practice: no to violence (2005)

A framework for comprehensive assessment in men’s behaviour change (2009)

Enhancing access to men’s behaviour change programs: service intake and practice guide (2009)

Men’s Behaviour Change Minimum Standards These came into effect on 1 July 2018

Integrated family services

A strategic framework for family services

Program requirements for family and early parenting services in Victoria

Best interests case practice model: summary guide

Family services IRIS data dictionary 2013

Flexible packages guidelines for Child FIRST and family services

The Orange Door

Support and Safety Hubs - Service delivery (activity number 38010)

Support and Safety Hubs - Integrated practice support (activity number 38011)

Support and Safety Hubs - Flexible funding and brokerage (activity number 38012)

Program requirements for The Orange Door brokerage

MARAM Framework

The Family Violence Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework (MARAM) Victim Survivor Practice Guidance includes:

  • a Foundation Knowledge Guide (to be used by all professionals regardless of their role)
  • the Responsibilities for Practice Guide, which is structured against the ten MARAM Framework responsibilities spanning respectful, sensitive and safe engagement, identification and screening, intermediate and comprehensive risk assessment and management, information sharing, secondary consultation and referral and contributing to coordinated and collaborative risk management including ongoing risk assessment

These are available online. The Practice Guidance underpins all the MARAM responsibilities, and is core to building a shared understanding about family violence.

The Tools for Risk Assessment and Management (TRAM) is an online platform that hosts the suite of MARAM assessment tools, and is accessed by The Orange Door through the CRM.