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Service description

What does The Orange Do and who is it for?

The Orange Door is for women and children experiencing family violence and for families in need of support with the care, development and wellbeing of children and provides them with quick and simple access to the support and safety they need. The Orange Door focuses on perpetrators of family violence, to keep them in view and connect them to services that assist in holding them accountable for their actions.

The Orange Door brings together the access points for family violence services, family services and perpetrator/men’s services (referred to as ‘core services’). The Orange Door draws on the strengths of these workforces and develops cross-disciplinary expertise enabling them to establish the risk and needs of different family members, including victims of family violence, families, children and young people, and perpetrators. In providing an integrated assessment of risk and need, The Orange Door equips these core services to respond holistically to individuals and families.

The Orange Door connects people and families to the supports and services they need, including family services, family violence services and men’s/perpetrator services, as well to the broader range of health, justice and community services. It also helps individuals and professionals navigate the broader range of social and justice services.

The Orange Door also provides safe and inclusive services tailored to the needs of Victoria’s diverse community including Aboriginal and CALD communities, the specific needs of people with disabilities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse and/or intersex (LGBTI) people, older people, children and young people.

The Orange Door provides welcoming, visible places where people can take a positive step for themselves or their family, seeking assistance and support with their relationships or with the care and developmental needs of children. The Orange Door provides responsive and sensitive services. People are connected to professionals who are well placed to provide support and guidance but also respect the agency of the help-seeker.