Older age

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The effect of gender inequality builds through younger years and adulthood and affects older women the most. [1] Gender inequality grows and intersects with ageism, which older women experience at a higher rate than older men. While there is progress towards gender equality in Victoria, older women are the least likely to benefit.

This is where we see a lifetime of inequalities lead to the alarming rate of older women experiencing homelessness, and the significant gap in lifetime earnings and superannuation.

Our equal state complements the Ageing well action plan 2022–2026, the Victorian Government’s framework to support Victorians to age well by continuing to take part in their community, and age safely at home – in the community or in aged care.


[1] Victorian Government, Ageing well action plan 2022–26, Victorian Government, 2022, accessed 6 February 2023. https://www.vic.gov.au/ageing-well-action-plan

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