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Principles for communicating in recovery

Concise tips for communicating with communities recovering from emergencies.

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This resource is hosted on the Australian Red Cross website.

The Australian Red Cross has a range of useful emergency management resources. The resources can help prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

Resources are available for organisations, communities, parents and caregivers, and teachers.

You can download many resources from the Australian Red Cross website. These include emergency preparedness videos and information flyers in local community languages.

This emergency management resource is part of the Australian Red Cross collection.

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Resource details
Title Principles of communicating in recovery
Owner Australian Red Cross
Resource type Tool

What is this about?

This guide on communication is for people or organisations working and managing information in a post emergency / disaster environment. It was developed to suit the conditions of recovery in Australia and includes general information, methods of communication, being inclusive and additional resources.

Who is this resource for?

  • Local Government
  • Community Service Organisations
  • Non Government Organisations
  • Community Recovery Committees

Table of contents

  • Public information, not public relations
  • The right to know
  • Respect people
  • Build on local assets
  • Ask the community how they want to receive information
  • Repeat information
  • Remember the ‘unaffected’
  • Acknowledge the impact
  • No spin

Reviewed 17 November 2021

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