Promoting financial resilience to emergencies through home and contents insurance

Financially resilient households experience quicker and more effective recoveries after emergencies than households with little or no financial resilience.


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Title Promoting financial resilience to emergencies through home and contents insurance
Owner Department of Fairness Families and Housing
Date last updated December 2017
Resource type Tool

What is this about?

This strategy will support the Victorian community to understand the importance of home and contents insurance as a key pillar of their financial resilience and emergency preparedness. It identifies five actions, focusing on home and contents insurance to increase Victorians’ financial resilience to emergencies.

The actions include a public communication campaign, developing accessible insurance information, engaging directly with the community through emergency preparedness and financial resilience workshops and gaining a greater understanding of the structural barriers to home and contents insurance for low to middle income households.

Who is this resource for?

  • Local Government
  • Community Service Organisations
  • Non Government Organisations
  • Community Recovery Committees

Table of contents



  • Resilient communities are safer communities
  • Building financial resilience through home and contents insurance
  • The challenge of non-insurance and under insurance in Victoria

An integrated and collaborative approach



  • Action 1: Communications Campaign
  • Action 2: Financial resilience toolkit for emergencies
  • Action 3: Education and awareness raising
  • Action 4: Community workshop pilot
  • Action 5: Targeted research


Reporting and evaluation

  • Monitoring and measuring impact
  • Reporting