Working with SDP

Find out who to contact to start your journey on to Single Digital Presence and how to set your project up for success.

If you're interested in using SDP your first step is to contact our SDP Product Manager Mike Laidlaw

Below are the general steps you will follow and services offered.

Steps in your onboarding journey

  • Discovering SDP

    Understand our service by reviewing our core offering.


  • Select the right solution

    Understand the website options available.

    Then talk to your department's Digital Management Committee to select the best web presence for your audience.


  • Formalise the engagement

    New website or building a component: we will need a requirements document to provide a quote, a signed Memorandum of Understanding and Purchase Order before starting work.

    Create a new section on this is currently free of charge but needs the approval of your lead department through its Digital Management Committee. 

  • Onboarding and development

    Once payment is received a kick-off meeting will be held so everyone has an opportunity to ask questions.

    Working with SDP: We will need signed off designs in order to provide your website. Detailed instructions, including roles and responsibilities are available at How to set up an independent website using Single Digital Presence.

    Working with a vendor: Your vendor will need to provide the solution direction using our custom component brief. For more details on this visit our new website or feature process

    New content on your content will be approved by your departmental digital team but you will have an opportunity to raise questions with the product manager on how to migrate content onto in the kick-off meeting.

  • Launch and go live

    There is an option to use an automated content migration service but this is a paid service so must be specified and quoted for at the requirements stage. 

    Working with a third party vendor: your vendor must provide test cases and documentation to ensure the site is ready for launch. The go live can then be scheduled.

    Working on the go live should align with the SDP release schedule. Releases are every 3 months (February, May, August, November)

    Contact: SDP delivery manager

    Publishing on departments are responsible for approving content on Some bulk publishing tasks are currently not available to departmental approvers so we always recommend departments liaise with the product manager around go live timings.

  • Aftercare and ongoing support

    Once your content is live you will have access to the SDP Community of Practice to get advice and support from over 800 members. We also provide quarterly meet-ups, notification and training materials for new features, access to dashboards and help desk assistance