Secure Work Pilot Scheme

A pilot scheme to improve economic security for many Victorian workers who don't have access to sick and carers pay.

The Victorian Government is working on improving economic security for many Victorian workers.

The new Secure Work Pilot Scheme will provide up to 5 days of sick and carers pay at the national minimum wage for casual or insecure workers in priority industries.

Consultation on the design of the pilot scheme will involve workers, industry and unions. This process will consider and work through issues including documentation required to support payment applications and protections for workers who apply to access the scheme.


The pilot will begin by 2022 and will cover workers in occupations with high levels of insecurity including cleaners, hospitality staff, security guards, supermarket workers and aged care staff.

The pilot will roll out in 2 phases over 2 years with the occupations eligible for each phase to be finalised after consultation with workers, industry and unions.


The pilot scheme will cover workers in select sectors with high rates of casualisation. 

The sectors eligible for the 2 phases of the pilot scheme will be finalised through the consultation process.


Consultation will begin right away and continue into 2021.

Casual and insecure workers in eligible sectors will be invited to pre-register for the scheme through an online portal. The online portal will be set up during the consultation period.

For those who wish to engage, please sign up below.

Reviewed 03 March 2021

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