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Start with a title for the timeline (eg Treaty timeline). This displays as a Heading 2.

Then add a title (heading) for each time period.

You then have the following options:

  • a specific date range such as 20 March 1990 to 30 September 1990
    use the Text field for less specific dates such as March 1990
  • a link if there's more detail on another webpage
  • Feature image if you have one
  • Summary: if you want to provide a short or long amount of detail. This includes a WYSIWYG section where you can include formatting like links, bullet points and styling.

Images: If you want to add an image or block of colour in the circles, use a square image 88px x 88px and it will be cropped to a circle for display. These must be added as media items. Use a meaningful item name in the media library, such as 'Timeline swatch pink'.

Reviewed 10 October 2022

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