Checklist 1: for small to large organisations

The following checklist helps your small to large organisation support the recovery-at-work and return-to-work of a worker after a psychological illness or injury

Checklist 1: For small to large organisations

The checklist is divided into two parts: ‘First steps’ (three questions), and ‘Next Steps’ (nine questions). 

The checklist will take about ten minutes to complete, however, you are encouraged to take your time in accessing all the recommended resources and information.

Initial first steps

1. I have checked in on wellbeing of my worker after injury or illness to see how they are doing(Required)
2. I have spoken to my worker about their options for their recovery-to-work / return-to-work and the next steps(Required)
3. I have spoken to my worker about their preferences for remaining or returning to work(Required)

Next steps

1. I am aware of WorkSafe Victoria resources outlining the process of how to support a worker recovering-at-work / returning-to-work(Required)
3. As an employer, I am familiar with my role in supporting the recovery-at-work / return-to-work of my worker if they have a psychological injury(Required)
4. I am aware I need to create a 'return-to-work plan' with my worker and complete a 'Return-to-work arrangements form' to formally support my worker in their recovery-at/return-to work.(Required)
5. I am aware that I need to appoint a 'Return-to-work Coordinator' to assist the worker to remain at work while they recover-at or return-to-work as soon as possible(Required)
6. I know where to go to find additional resources to help me solve recovery-at-work / return-to-work problems should they arise (e.g., if I am unable to modify my worker's tasks to suit their recovery needs.)(Required)
7. I have downloaded the WorkSafe Victoria posters to display in the workplace to raise awareness about the importance of recovery-at-work / return-to-work.(Required)
8. I have taken the time to speak to other workers who may have been involved in the incident which led to the injury / illness of the worker and have directed them to / am supporting them to access the appropriate resources if required.(Required)
9. I have / am preparing the workplace and the team for the worker's recovery-at-work / return-to-work through a range of activities(Required)
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