Checklist 2: for sole traders

The following checklist is to help a sole-trader in their recovery-at-work or return-to-work journey after a psychological illness or injury.

Checklist 2: For sole traders

The checklist will take about five minutes to complete, however, you are encouraged to take your time in accessing all the recommended resources and information.

1. I have sought the appropriate help for my psychological illness / injury (Required)
2. I have considered my recovery-at-work / return-to-work preferences(Required)
3. I know that WorkSafe Victoria have resources about recovering-at-work / returning-to-work(Required)
4. I am aware that creating a 'return-to-work plan' and completing a 'return-to-work arrangements form' will help me structure my recovery / return to work(Required)
5. I have contingencies for when things do not go to plan(Required)
6. Where possible and necessary, I have / am modifying my workplace to accommodate my recovery / return(Required)
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