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About the VPC

The Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) is a new inclusive and flexible certificate.

It offers an engaging curriculum and additional support for you to develop the work-related skills and capabilities you need to succeed.

The VPC is normally completed in year 11 and 12, but it is flexible so it can be started earlier or finished over a longer period than 2 years. The coursework is designed and delivered at a more accessible level than the VCE and VCE Vocational Major. You can study the VPC at your own pace and your teachers will assess your progress through a range of classroom learning activities.

Your school may allow you to start the VPC at any time during the school year. The time you take to finish the VPC is flexible.

You should discuss the VPC’s suitability for you with your school and your family.

The VPC has replaced Foundation VCAL.

Study options in the VPC

Your VPC will include:

  • VPC Literacy (or VCE English options like VCE VM Literacy)
  • VPC Numeracy (or VCE Mathematics options like VCE VM Numeracy)
  • VPC Work Related Skills
  • VPC Personal Development Skills
  • spending some time in a workplace as part of your learning. This is known as Structured Workplace Learning.

You can also add more VCE or VCE VM options, or choose to include vocational education and training (VET) in the VPC. Learn more about VET in the Victorian Pathways Certificate.

Your teacher or careers counsellor will help you develop a program that suits your learning needs and interests.

Where the VPC can take you

If you’ve missed a lot of school or have additional learning needs, the VPC will help you progress to the VCE Vocational Major, entry level TAFE, VET or to get a job.

VPC Pathway – Brandon’s Journey

Brandon needs flexibility. He is returning to school after a break because of his medical condition. Brandon’s teacher talked about the VPC with him and his parents.

Brandon likes the VPC because he can start his learning program when he wants to. Brandon decides to do VPC studies because they include community projects and working in a team. It could take Brandon longer than 2 years to complete his learning program.

Instead of year 10 English and Maths, Brandon does the VPC Unit 1 of Literacy and Numeracy. When he makes his choices for year 11 and 12, Brandon knows the VPC is the right program for him because he still needs flexibility.

In year 11 he starts the Certificate II in Small Business because this VET is run onsite at school which makes it easier for him to attend. By year 12, Brandon is attending school regularly and enrols in the Certificate II in Salon Assistant. He does Structured Workplace Learning in a hair salon which means he’ll gain credit for his work placement.

Brandon wants an apprenticeship as a hairdresser when he leaves school.

Brandon’s Year 10 studies

  • VPC Literacy Unit 1
  • VPC Numeracy Unit 1

Brandon’s Year 11 studies

  • VPC Literacy Unit 2
  • VPC Numeracy Unit 2
  • VPC Personal Development Skills Unit 1
  • VPC Work Related Skills Unit 1
  • VET Certificate II in Small Business (Operations/Innovation) Units 1 and 2

Brandon’s Year 12 studies

  • VPC Literacy Unit 3
  • VPC Personal Development Skills Unit 2
  • VPC Work Related Skills Unit 2
  • VET Certificate II in Salon Assistant Units 1 and 2
  • VET Structured Workplace Learning Unit 1 (90 hours)

Reviewed 24 January 2023


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