Victorian Training Awards 2023 Koorie Student of the Year finalists

2023 Victorian Training Awards Koorie Student of the Year finalist Kurin Lelean standing outside near lake with his hands in his pockets and smiling at the camera

Kurin Lelean

Kurin is a queer, transgender Murrinh-Patha man and a passionate advocate for young people’s wellbeing and social justice. He is driven by the desire to support the needs of intersectional communities and create inclusive spaces for young people who feel disenfranchised or confused about heritage, gender and sexuality.

Kurin’s challenging experiences as a child engaging with youth services and foster care homes set his career path to youth work. He chose the Certificate IV in Youth Work at Holmesglen TAFE and aims to share his experience with other First Nations people who are fearful of identifying with their heritage or gender for fear of stigmatisation within and outside their communities.

2023 Victorian Training Awards Koorie Students of the Year finalist Jenaya Bartlett smiling at the camera wearing a 'Treaty for Victoria' t-shirt

Jenaya Bartlett

As a Year 10 student, Jenaya was interested in pursuing a career in business or with Victoria Police because of its strong commitment to inclusion in recruitment, especially for Aboriginal Victorians. Undertaking a school-based traineeship, Jenaya enrolled in a Certificate III in Business with Skillinvest. At work, she inspired colleagues to learn about Aboriginal culture.

With determination, Jenaya balanced work and study with activities including being a democracy ambassador to educate her community about the importance of voting. Undertaking a school-based traineeship has provided Jenaya with valuable work experience. On completing secondary school, Jenaya aims to become a protective service officer or Koorie engagement support officer.