Promoting post-secondary education skills and career pathways

Action 1: Start the VET journey at school

Initiative 1.1

Provide up-to-date information about occupations in demand.

✔ Scheduled 2023

Initiative 1.2

Work with industry to identify future job opportunities.

✔ Scheduled 2023

Initiative 1.3

Inform Victorian Certificate of Education’s vocational offerings.

✔ Scheduled 2024

Action 2: Enable learners and workers to make informed skilling and career choices

Initiative 2.1

Collaborate with Skills and Jobs Centres staff to support local learners and employees.

✔ Scheduled 2023

Initiative 2.2

Utilise the Victorian Skills Gateway to highlight training pathways to local occupations in demand.

✔ Scheduled 2023

Initiative 2.3

Highlight core and transferable skills for future jobs.

✔ Scheduled 2024

Action 3: Expand opportunities and approaches for students to put theory into practice during their course

Initiative 3.1

Facilitate industry roundtables to support work placements.

✔ Scheduled 2023

Initiative 3.2

Identify shortfalls in courses and occupations causing supply issues.

✔ Scheduled 2023

Initiative 3.3

Review and provide alternatives for work placements where applicable.

✔ Scheduled 2024