Victorian Learn Local Awards 2022 Pre-accredited Learner (skills for work) winner

Felimon Asel

Felimon is a leader in his community and a strong advocate for education. Being one of the first Sudanese people to arrive in Melbourne as a refugee, he has helped many new arrivals set up their lives in Australia. To improve his work options, Felimon completed several English certificate courses at Prace, a provider of adult community education programs.

Felimon enrolled in Prace’s Civil Construction Labourer course, co-designed with Winslow to develop employability skills for work in civil construction. This was a turning point in Felimon’s life, bringing the opportunity for employment growth and fulfilment. Felimon’s commitment was exceptional and his dedication to learning made him an outstanding role model for the class. As a result, he was offered employment with Winslow.

Dedicated to his family and community, Felimon encourages other Sudanese people to get involved in learning. He reminds them of the importance of education as a means of obtaining stable employment to build a better life in Australia.