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Your staff's Working with Children Checks

Find important information for organisations – such as how to determine whether your workers need a Check and how to manage employee Checks.

Check your worker's status

You must check the status of your worker’s Working with Children Check before they start working.

It’s not enough to just see a worker’s Check. You must:

  • Check they have updated their details to include the name of your organisation. They can do this online via Update your details at Service Vic 
  • Check this against the letter of confirmation we will send you with a copy of their Check once they have updated their details.

This makes sure all records are kept up to date and we can contact you should any of the worker’s details change, or their Check is given back or cancelled.


Find out if your workers need a Check

If you’re unsure whether your workers or volunteers need a Check, you can use our 5 statement checklist.

Please note that the outcome of this doesn’t have to dictate your organisation’s own HR policy. If your worker does not need a Check, but you wish to apply more stringent rules to your workplace, you can choose to do so at your own discretion, subject to all other applicable laws.

For more information, please view legal obligations for organisations.

Managing workers' Checks

In addition to ensuring workers doing child-related work hold a Check, organisations should also:

  • keep a record of the application receipt or Check number of all workers doing child-related work in your organisation
  • carefully look at workers’ physical cards or digital cards (via the Service Victoria app or a PDF hardcopy) and record the number, expiry date and card type (‘E’ for paid employees or ‘V’ for volunteers)
  • securely keep all correspondence we send you about your workers
  • ensure workers notify us within 21 days of commencing child-related work with your organisation with your correct address. They must also notify us whenever their personal and contact details change within 21 days of becoming aware of the change.

For further information for your organisation, please see legal obligations for organisations.

Checking application status

If you’d like to know the status, type or expiry date of a single application or Check, go to the Working with Children Check status checker on Service Vic. You’ll need to enter:

  • the first 8 characters of the application or card number (you can request the application/card number if you don’t know it)
  • the worker’s surname as entered on the application form or their card.

You must enter the exact spelling and exact number to access status details.

This service does not reveal any personal information apart from the name of the applicant or Check holder.

Alternatively, you can ask to see the digital card of an employee. You can scan the QR code on their digital card which will give you real-time status of their Check.

Multiple Checks

If you’re managing Checks for multiple workers, you may wish to download our status tracker below. It’s an Excel spreadsheet you can populate to help you oversee the status of all Checks within your organisation.

WWCC Status Check 2.0
Excel 304.02 KB
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