Strategic enablers

Investing in digital infrastructure and skills to drive transformation.

Digital infrastructure is deeply embedded in how we work and even more interconnected than traditional infrastructure. It is more than just technology. It is the standards and policies we apply, the processes we use to innovate, fund, design and deliver. And it is supported by the skills we have to use technology, how we use data and how we make decisions.

Six strategic enablers

Policy and governance

Rethink policies and governance to enable digital transformation.

  • We will seek to build and run more consistent, secure and interoperable digital and data assets at lower overall cost.
  • We will provide digital governance and assurance to check progress against clear measures of success.

Portfolio and investment

Take a more agile approach to funding digital initiatives.

  • We will adapt budgeting and funding to enable more incremental change, reflect the realities of cloud infrastructure and drive value for the taxpayer.

Process, people and partners

Become digital inside and out.

  • We will set the expectation of ongoing learning, innovation and partnerships and use human-centred techniques to design and deploy new services.

Data intelligence

Make use of data to generate intelligent insights and improve outcomes.

  • Data is most valuable when it is well structured, linked, shared, protected and maintained.
  • We will ensure data is used to provide public value. We will create impact for Victorians by using connected data to make policy decisions.

Security and privacy

Ensure the security and privacy of our systems and data.

  • We will develop digital assets that are secure by design, protected from misuse, and operated by a skilled workforce that can ensure asset integrity while pursuing innovation and data sharing.

Technology platforms

Modernise technology and become more responsive and resilient.

  • We will continue our transition to common, connected platforms that reduce complexity, unlock productivity and enable workforce mobility.