The Digital Strategy 2021-2026

Thriving Victoria. A digital Victoria. For you.

The Digital Strategy 2021-2026 sets the government’s vision and ambition and how to realise it. It balances aspiration with pragmatism to set us up for a successful digital transformation.

Three clearly defined outcomes underpin the vision:

  • better, fairer, more accessible services — making services more personalised and consistent
  • a digital ready public sector — improving operations, working collaboratively with partners and developing a workforce skilled for the future, now
  • a thriving digital economy — attracting talent, upskilling our communities and businesses, creating jobs and bridging the digital divide.

To realise its vision and deliver these outcomes, the Victorian Government will drive transformation across Victoria through investment in critical digital infrastructure and skills. To guide investment, the Strategy defines six key strategic enablers.

Design principles guide the change we need across government and align our understanding of what a good digital experience looks like. Technology guidelines enable alignment and drive greater value from investment, development and adoption decisions and quality of service outcomes.

Three digital pathways guide and connect the change, anchored by clear and defined digital experiences for Victorians. They define the horizons of digital maturity to realise our vision.

Together all these elements provide a clear and consistent direction across the Victorian Government so that we can align and deliver government priorities together and at pace.

Figure 1. A future-ready Victoria: Our vision

Victorian Government Digital Strategy 2021, Department of Premier and Cabinet

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