Aspen Lodge Caravan Park

A case study about how ERV’s Clean-up Program worked alongside the park owners to help rebuild the park following the October 2022 Victorian floods.

Warning: The content on this page discusses floods, storms, and bushfires.

This may be distressing for some individuals.

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An emotional homecoming for Aspen Lodge residents

Image shows Yvonne and Russell Prince, owners of Aspen Lodge Caravan Park

The Aspen Lodge Caravan Park was a place to call home for more than 50 long-term residents – including owners Yvonne and Russell Prince.

The caravan park played an important role in the Mooroopna community, providing accommodation for many at-risk people and families.

“It’s not like a normal caravan park. Our residents are long term. It’s their home and that’s the way it’s treated. We treat them like family,” says Russell.

During the October 2022 Victorian floods, Aspen Lodge was inundated by flood waters. Cabins and communal equipment, like washing machines, were destroyed. Residents were forced to relocate, with some placed in ERV’s temporary accommodation program.

Following the floods, Yvonne and Russell needed help to get their business up and running again.

ERV’s Clean-up Program worked on-site, conducting free structural assessments, make-safe works to remove hazards, and demolition works.

A grant was also awarded to help re-establish accommodation at Aspen Lodge.

As new cabins have been installed, residents like Wally Torpy have begun to return. A resident of the park for 33 years, he’s thrilled to be back home.

“Aspen Lodge is my life. I love it here,” says Wally.

Learn more about Yvonne and Russell's journey by watching the video below.