State electoral roll and electoral events

This output provides a high-quality electoral system that supports democracy in Victoria through administering an accurate and secure electoral roll, electoral services to ensure fair and equitable representation, the conduct of fair and impartial elections and encouraging greater participation in civic life through education and awareness activities and improving ease of access.

Performance measureUnit2022–23 target2022–23 actualVarianceResult
Election events conducted by the Victorian Electoral Commission, including state elections and by-elections, local government elections, by-elections and countbacks, and statutory elections or pollsnumber2826–7%**
The 2022–23 actual is lower than the 2022–23 target because the movement of councillors in local government has reduced when compared with previous years. The removal of liquor licence poll elections has affected the number of electoral events.
Election events invalidated by a court
of disputed returns as a result of a proven claim against the Victorian Electoral Commission’s conduct of that event
Meets timeframes for application of elector-initiated enrolment, direct enrolment and close of roll enrolment activity in the maintenance and accuracy of the register of electorsper cent951005%*
Total output cost$ million117.4147.125%**
The 2022–23 actual is higher than the 2022–23 target due to the Victorian Electoral Commission having additional special appropriation funding allocated in 2022–23 due to the State Election.

Results legend

* Performance target achieved or exceeded in a desirable way

** Performance target not achieved — exceeds 5 per cent or $50 million (cost measures only) variance